Recover from injury

A helping hand on the road to recovery

Are you finding your life less than fun (or unbearable!) after being injured?

Maybe you sprained your ankle last week and you’re realising that it’s a lot harder to deal with than you thought it would be?

Have you had to stop doing things you love like walking to your local café or exercising? Are the basics, like taking a shower or standing up, hard?

What does recovering from injury mean? A massive change to your life.

I don’t want others to experience the isolation, lifestyle challenges and emotional rollercoaster I did when I was injured.

Recover from Injury is all about supporting people who are injured to have access to information and services that will serve them to have a better recovery experience.

Injury facts

Injuries are very common! Read some facts and figures here…


Our mission is to provide compassionate support and professional, evidence-based information about all aspects of recovering from injury.


Get in touch! Tell us how we can help!

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Five reasons my injury made me emotional in the gym

I’ve been a steady gym go-er since I was in high school. But recently I found myself feeling emotional while in the gym. It was eye-opening and it caught me off-guard. Recovering from injury has changed my perspective on so many things in life. Feeling a new mix of...
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What the hell just happened to me?

Have you ever had a major injury? Can you remember what your body felt like or what went through your mind at that precise moment it happened? That perspective-altering moment, when you enter emptiness, the feeling of shock; it can really feel bizarre. Perhaps you...
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Injured and frustrated that your life has changed?

It sucks! We know. Get our tips to a better injury recovery.

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