Recover from injury

A helping hand on the road to recovery

Are you finding yourself feeling confused, upset and isolated after your injury?

Maybe you have broken bones and you’ve just come home from hospital. Or you’re on crutches and need to recover for the next few months after a car accident.

Everything from cuts, bruises, swelling, back pain, a broken leg, a broken collarbone, torn ligaments and tendons, other fractures and strains can all be hard to deal with.

Perhaps you’ve stopped doing things you love like walking to your local café or exercising? Are the basics – like taking a shower, making food or even standing up – painful and frustrating?

What does recovering from injury mean? A massive change to your life.

I want others to be free from the experience of isolation, lifestyle challenges and emotional roller coasters that I had when I was injured.

Recover from Injury provides a hub for people who want to recover from injury in the best way possible. You’ll find information, services and a supportive community to help you tap into your inner resilience and get the help you need.

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Our mission: to help people have a better injury recovery and thrive

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Injuries are very common! Read some facts and figures here…

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How you think and feel will affect how you recover from injury

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Injured, on crutches and feeling like a loser?

Using a crutch or two guarantees that you stand out in public. To everyone around, crutches are a true symbol that you are not as able-bodied as everyone else. But while you might feel a loser, it's likely that people around you don't think so. I believe crutches are...
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From afraid to ready: my ten tips to prepare for surgery

Knock me out and cut me open. Sure I’m totally fine with that… Surgery is serious. Even if the medical consensus is that what’s required is ‘a simple procedure’, preparing physically, mentally and practically for going under the knife takes effort. Surprisingly, I...
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Injured and frustrated that your life has changed?

It sucks! We know. Get our tips to a better injury recovery.

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