Recover from injury

A helping hand on the road to injury recovery

Are you finding yourself feeling confused, upset and isolated after your injury?

Maybe you have broken bones and you’ve just come home from hospital. Or you’re on crutches and need to recover for the next few months after a car accident.

Everything from cuts, bruises, swelling, back pain, a broken leg, a broken collarbone, torn ligaments and tendons, other fractures and strains can all be hard to deal with.

Perhaps you’ve stopped doing things you love like walking to your local café or exercising? Are the basics – like taking a shower, making food or even standing up – painful and frustrating?

What does recovering from injury mean? A massive change to your life.

I want others to be free from the experience of isolation, lifestyle challenges and emotional roller coasters that I had when I was injured.

Recover from Injury provides a hub for people who want to recover from injury in the best way possible. You’ll find information, services and a supportive community to help you tap into your inner resilience and get the help you need.

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Our mission: to help people have a better injury recovery and thrive

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Injuries are very common! Read some facts and figures here…

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I’ve been able to accelerate the recovery process to be active again and do more of what I enjoy, armed with knowledge and skills that I can also apply in other areas of my life.

Claire took the time to understand my needs and was encouraging and supportive. I discovered some skills and resources that I can utilise further and Claire offered some other ideas that I hadn’t considered.

I’m very happy with the quality of the coaching I received; it was even better than I expected.



Claire you have given me validity to my thoughts and emotions as they sit today. You have given me strategies / tools to make me become more aware of where I sit with certain feelings at certain times and give myself permission to sit with these thoughts and emotions and take the needed time to work through them.

Overall I enjoyed our session. You kept our conversation on track (as I can be a wonderful rambler!) and you pushed my thinking beyond the boundaries of thoughts I’d already processed. I did not feel judged or that I was “wasting your time” (because I can do that i.e. my “issues/concerns” are not that important!). You gave me relateable scenarios and I felt understood and validated.



During the coaching session I experienced comfort, ease of conversation (Claire is so easy to talk to!) and some new realisations about things that bother me.

As a result of the coaching sessions I have a few more best practices and good advice to work with. I also feel a bit better positioned to deal with some of the things that are coming up (hard decisions, dealing with family situations, etc).

I specifically enjoyed the great conversation — super flowing and friendly, highly accessible. I enjoyed the references to my questionnaire responses; it made me realise that while the conversation feels flowing, it is actually structured and has an agenda (driven by my input). I also enjoyed the points in which you provided examples from your own experience; these references to yourself make the stream of good advice very personable and easy to relate to.



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