We offer injury recovery support to help people recover the best way possible and thrive after injury.

We know that injury can affect every aspect of life and you need support. From the day-to-day practical things like getting out of bed and showering, to your job, to your relationships and mental health.

Realising that you are feeling awful and that this injury is way harder than you thought it was going to be can feel overwhelming.

Our tailor-made coaching and support packages help you:

  • understand what is challenging you
  • tap into your inner strength and resilience
  • come up with a plan – we do this together – to make your recovery better and to boost your happiness
  • get the extra help you may need, be it from friends and family or other professionals.

Our services and products include:

Recovery Focus session

We’ll connect on a phone/Skype call and you can share where you’re at right now. What’s concerning or worrying you or any questions you may have about injury recovery or what coaching packages may be available. This is a no-obligation, free call.

One-off coaching call (1 hr)

This coaching call is a confidential session where you’ll have 100% focus of the coach. They will help you get your recovery on track. The session is open to what you want to cover but generally we recommend that we explore a key topic where you’re struggling now. Then we’ll explore how you can effectively move beyond to a better recovery.

Recovery support package

This six-week package includes a recovery progress assessment, weekly one-on-one calls, and daily email support to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to find out more.

Join the free Facebook group

Connect with other people who are going through an injury experience. It’s a great way to feel understood, connected and supported by others. And perhaps you can help others along the way too.

Read the blog articles

Free articles covering all aspects of injury and recovery. From the physical, psychological to practical. And there are some personal stories too.

Everyone responds differently to the challenges from injury!

If you’d like to share your experience please fill out our survey or contact us directly so we can do our best to help.

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