About Recover from Injury

Why a Focus on Recovering from Injury?

Millions of people worldwide are hospitalised each year due to injuries. While they may get great health treatment — in hospital, from their doctors or allied health professionals — many people feel isolated and overwhelmed by the challenging road to recovery.

Our mission: to offer inspiration and support — focused on the physical, psychological and practical aspects of injury — and professional, evidence-based information for people recovering from injury.

Our vision: a future where people who are injured are better equipped to tackle the challenges ahead of them with an adaptive and positive mindset and to have a better recovery.

We know that what one person needs is different to another, so let us know what you’re struggling with or any ideas you have and we’ll do our best to assist. While we are focused on people that have been injured and will recover, the resources here may also be useful for people recovering from surgery or facing permanent disability.

Recover from Injury donates a proportion of profits to charity.

Claire Harris started the Recover From Injury group after experiencing her own struggles in recovering from injury to her knee

About the founder

When I had my accident, my life changed on many levels. There was emotional turmoil and having to accept that my life was on a new pathway for the next couple of years. My lifestyle changed instantly, for example, no more long walks outdoors, no carrying cups of tea while I was on crutches. For months many day-to-day things required significant effort (ever tried to shower on one leg?).

I wondered if others recovering also had a tough time, or if I was the ‘odd one out’… and discovered that many people struggle and carry trauma with them from their injuries. And that there is a lot to be inspired about too, as many people embrace their injury challenges and grow immensely as individuals. (This website presents some of these people’s stories and I want to continue to share them; so contact me if you’d like to be involved.)

So, I set out to shine the light on the gap in the health system and do my bit for all-round support for people facing a traumatic experience. Support ranging from the emotional to the practical. I want to help change the system so that people manage better through injury — and even embrace it as a chance to learn about themselves and others — and come out thriving, more adaptable and resilient, on the other side.

Injured, overwhelmed or just want to have the best recovery possible?

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